Rapture Sounds Rehearsal Studio

Rapture Sound Studios offers five rehersal rooms full of top of the line performance equipment. Our space was created for musicians by musicians. From experience, we understand the need for an affordable space where artists can play their music and practice for gigs. All five of our rooms provide amplifiers, drum sets, speakers, and more. Each room was created with performance in mind. We welcome musicians of all levels to rent our space and rock out for as long as they'd like.

All of our rehersal spaces are secure, clean and spacious. Choosing Rapture Sound Studios gives you access to a quality rehearsal space and oppurtunities to network with Long Island bands and music artists. Our music studio is a place where artists can network, rehearse and make music. We understand the importance of finding the right space and provide you with all neccessary materials to carry out your goals. We have a variety of rooms to fit your budget, give us a today or stop by to book your first room.