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4 Ways to Get Talent Scouts to Your Show

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Whether you’re aware or not, if you are performing at a show, chances are there’s an Artists and repertoire (A&R) or talent scout lurking in the background. We have compiled a list of helpful hints to spark A&R interest, along with reasons you probably aren’t getting any attention.

How To Get A&R’s Attention

Submit demos:

Contrary to popular belief demos are not dead, if executed right they can still be a powerful tool. Don’t limit yourself to just sending physical copies of demos, you should be uploading them to popular sites, such as demo as well.


Kill it on social media:
Once you send in demos, if A&R’s are interested you better believe they’re checking you out on social media. No Facebook page? Womp womp womp. No seriously, you’ll have to be pretty damn talented in this day and age to even be considered if you’re not relevant in the digital world. Basically, create social pages so you can connect with your fans, gain exposure and poetry yourself as relevant.


Build relationships with A&R reps:
These talent scouts are humans just like you, and can be persuaded by convincing them you’re worth their time and money. If you develop a good relationship, contacting them will be less of a hassle, and more of just a friendly “it’s good to hear from you,” type of convo. Once you have a good rapport don’t just contact them letting them know you’re just following up, call with a reason; this reason could be information about an event or maybe even to wish them a happy birthday.


Perform live shows as much as possible:
Getting yourself out in the limelight increases the chances of talent scouts noticing you. The more shows you perform the better popularity you can gain, which in turn opens other doors of opportunity.

Reasons Scouts Aren’t Coming to Your Show

Lack of Event/Show Promotion:
If you are waiting on the venue to promote your show, good luck. Successful bands take the time to reach out to fans, promote the event via social media and other communication channels.


The Band is Viewed as Amateur:
There’s a big difference between an amateur vs. professional band, and talent scouts are the first person to notice. Scouts are experts, and can spot a disorganized band a mile away. If you want to get noticed take the time to rent studio space, practice, record your music and practice so more. This should get you on the right track.


Utilize all channels of promotion:
If you’ve got a big show going up don’t limit yourself to a played out Facebook event; lets face it we all have gotten enough of those. Create flyers add your show to event promotion websites, if you can manage to find an influence ask for their support.


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