Amateur Vs. Professional Bands

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Rapture Sound Studios has become the prime location for rehearsal space and music studio rentals. We have seen many bands come and go throughout our Syossset, Long Island location. Professionalism is not always a bands prime focus, however if you plan on growth these tips can help.

Are you looking to take your band to the next level or just curious whether or not your band is worthy of the professional title? Chances are if you have to question whether your band is professional, its probably is not. That’s not to say with extra time and a little footwork you can’t move your band professionalism up a notch.

Here you can find the major differences separating amateur bands from professional bands. Use this as a guide to figure out where your lacking and how you can make improvements.


Organize Band Rehearsals:

We understand many musicians or bands have other responsibilities besides practicing, however if you want to sounds good effort is required. Developing an organized rehearsal schedule that everyone can stick to is a step in the right direction. Are you currently running routine rehearsals, then you also need to find a rehearsal space.


Quality Music Recordings:

When you get your band together to practice, using a rehearsal studio will allow proper sound quality and give you access to the right equipment. If you want your music to be heard you need to be very precise in the sound quality, timing and performance. People decide in seconds whether or not they like a song and if your sound quality is off you won’t stand a chance.


Online Presence:

Any serious musician or band understand the importance of networking via social media and other online platforms. If you want to get your music out for people to hear the internet is extremely important.

Online Tips

  • Create a website
  • Sign up and create social media pages for your band.
  • Join Musician Forums and Online Groups.



Publicity is a wonderful opportunity to appear in the media and create buzz for your band. By dedicating a set amount of time each month for sending out press releases or reaching out to online influencers in your music industry of music genre. Whether you’re a band, songwriter or singer getting mentioned in the right media outlets will help boost your status.


Are you currently executing these practices for yourself or band? If not this is a great place to start. Our team of staff at Rapture Sound Studio’s in Nassau County, Long Island is dedicated to providing the best quality music spaces, which can help you seriously get on your “A” game.