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4 Ways To Improve Your Band’s Performance

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned musical artist, every professional band can always use improvement. Successful bands can identify the need to always improve themselves, even the most famous bands stay on top of finding ways to improve. These improvements can be as simple as choosing to find a new rehearsal space or  … Read more

Band Rehearsal Studio Tips

10 Band Rehearsal Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Time

Ensuring that you get the most out of your band’s rental room can save you time, money, and relationships. Band rehearsals have the potential to become a major time waster, and time is money when you are an up-and-coming band. From endless tuning to failing to turn phones off, bands have a hard time accomplishing  … Read more

10 Tips for Being a Better Songwriter

It does’t take much to turn a mediocre song into something to get excited about. We at Rapture Sound Studio of Syosset have compiled these 10 tips on songwriting to help guide musicians to make better music. Songwriting is more about inspiration and bringing out natural musical instincts than anything else. These 10 tips are  … Read more

Touring Tips for Bands

5 Essential Touring Tips

1. Plan it Out Probably the most important parts aspects of touring is getting to your destination, unfortunately this requires someone driving the rest of the band for hours until they’re too tired to continue. This is bad for a few reasons. The first thing wrong with this scenario is that no one should be  … Read more

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3 Tips to Help Make Your Band a Success

Having talent and the luck of the draw sounds great but there’s more to making a band successful. Sure there are plenty of bands with tons of talent stacked up atop great songs and expert playing, but are they getting they’re name out there? Are you getting your name out there? Is it that these  … Read more

Why You Need a Band Rehearsal Space

Whether you are a band or a solo musician, there comes a time when you need a rehearsal space. When you choose Rapture Sound Studios of Syosset, NY, you will be in a band rehearsal and recording studio that is built for musicians, by musicians. Here you will have a dedicated time where you and  … Read more