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March 22: This Day In Music History

1961 – Elvis Presley Recieves Seventh No. 1 Hit Single Elvis reaches his seventh consecutive No. 1 single on the UK charts with “Wooden Heart.” This song was inspired by the German folk song and was even played in Mr. Presley’s GI Blue film.   1972 – Concert for Bangladesh Film Makes World History For  … Read more

March 9: This Day In Music History

1967 – The Monkees Hit No. 1 On UK Charts “I’m a Believer.” Known as one of the most important venues in pop music history Pink Floyd and The Thoughts performed at The Marquee Club in London.   1968 – Bob Dylan Tops the Charts Bob Dylan hit the UK charts at number 1 consistently  … Read more

January 12: This Day In Music History

1969 – Led Zeppelin Releases First Album After a total of 36 hours in the studio Led Zeppelin releases their first album which top the UK charts for over 71 weeks. All together the production of the album cost the members roughly 1782 pounds.   1977 – Keith Richards Charged With Drug Possession After getting  … Read more

January 4: This Day In Music History

1968 – Jimi Hendrix Locked Up IN Swedish Prison After going wild and destroying his entire room at the Goteberg Hotel in Stockholm the police were called and he was arrested. He was jailed for one day on drinking charges.   1998 – Sonny Bono Dies In Skiing Accident At age 62 Sonny was killed  … Read more

December 30: This Day In Music History

1969 – Peter Trok Quits The Monkees Peter decided to buy himself out of the contract, causing him to go broke. After quitting peter formed the group name release. During this time he also p[played the banjo on the film Wonderwall by George Harrison.   1970 – Elvis Enters The FBI Building Elvis received a  … Read more

December 15: This Day in Music History

1956 – Elvis Leaves The Building After 50 appearances on the Louisiana Hayride, live radio show Elvis gives his final performance. Right at the end of the show, Horace Logan states the ever famous line, “Elvis has left the building.”   1969 – John Lennon Plays Final UK Gig During his appearance at the Lyceum  … Read more

December 9: This Day in Music History

1961 – The Beatles Are Put Of Town For Rowdy Behavior After The Beatles agent failed to properly advertise their show in Aldershot, England the show has a very small turnout of just 18 people. The Aldershot news did not public the performances ad in the newspaper but The Beatles decided to have some of  … Read more

November 24: This Day in Music History

1966 – The Beatles Reconvene For The First Time After Summer Tour The Beatles get together and prepare to create their next album starting with John Lennon’s famous ‘Strawberry Fields Forever.’ After spending time apart after their United States summer tour the legends of rock are back in the studio ready to record their next  … Read more

November 17: This Day in Music History

1995 – Founding Member of Folk Rock Band Dies Lindisfarne Alan famous for scoring the 1972 UK No. 3 singe “Lady Eleanor,” dies from a heart attack at 50 years old.   1996 – The Spice Girl’s Madness Begins In 1996 it all started with the release of their five singles, ‘Wannabe,’ ‘Say You’ll be  … Read more

October 27: This Day in Music History

1964 – Caesar and Cleo Become Sonny and Cher In 1964 Salvatore Philip Bono marries Cherilyn Sarkisian La Piere. Shortly after marriage they change their performance names to Sonny and Cher.   1977 – First Spanish Female Duo to Receive a UK No. 1 Baccara, a female duo famous for the single “Yes Sir, I  … Read more