December 30: This Day In Music History

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1969 – Peter Trok Quits The Monkees

Peter decided to buy himself out of the contract, causing him to go broke. After quitting peter formed the group name release. During this time he also p[played the banjo on the film Wonderwall by George Harrison.


1970 – Elvis Enters The FBI Building

Elvis received a private tour of the FBI’s headquarters located in Washington D.C. Per Elvis request he was given a permit which allowed him to carry a gun in every state.


George Harrison Gets Stabbed In Attack

After an intruder breaks into George and Olivia Harrison’s home George is brutally stabbed causing Olivia to have to fight off the attacker with a poker and heavy lamp. George was sent to the hospital for a collapsed lung and Olivia suffered a few cuts and bruises from fighting the attacker.


2002 – Diana Ross Arrested

After police receive a phone call reporting a driver swerving on the Arizona highway Diana Ross is pulled over and caught driving under the influence of alcohol. When being asked to walk a straight line the famous singer immediately fell over.


2006 – Brandy Involved in Four Car Crash

Famous R&B artist Brandy was unable to slow down causing her to hit the back of the car. This caused four cars to crash leaving one woman dead.


2013 – Bruce Springsteen’s Album Is Leaked

Bruce’s album “High Hopes,” was supposed to be released January 14th but somehow made its way to Amazon for a few hours, where it was available for download. Even though the album was removed it was now available on various music sharing websites.